An Ultimate Guide: To Download Truecaller App on Jio Phone in 2023 (💯% Working)

Keeping your personal details private is important for everyone, especially in today’s digital world and with the right apps, you can safeguard your identity. So, To keep your contact list safe, Truecaller must be downloaded/installed on your Jio Phone.

Hello Friends, Today I am sharing with you Step By Step Process To Download Truecaller App on Your Jio Phone (Jio Phone Me Truecaller App Download Kaise Kare).

As we know Jio Phone comes with pre-installed apps like JioVoice, JioChat, and others.

But, Did you know that Jio also has its own version of the Truecaller app?🤔

Well, we all know how important the Truecaller app is, nowadays. It comes with various in-built features such as:

In today’s busy world, we sometimes forget to save someone’s mobile number, so when we get a call from that number, we wonder who it is. To fix this issue, Truecaller was created.

So, it is indeed of every mobile phone user whether it is smartphone users or Jio Phone users.

So, If you’re also an avid user of the Truecaller app, then you might be disappointed to see that it’s not installed on your Jio phone. But don’t worry, we are here only to help you Download Jio Truecaller App, on your Jio Phone.

About Jio Truecaller App

The Truecaller app is available for both Android and IOS, but the Jio phone uses the Kaios operating system, which makes it harder to use this app on that phone.

On a Jio phone, you can’t download every app, but if the company wants, you can use Truecaller officially by getting a software update.

The Jio phone is a smartphone because it has Kaios. If you want to know how to get Truecaller on your Jio phone, this is the right article for you.

Step By Step Guide: How To Download Truecaller App On Jio Phone

To download the Truecaller app on your Jio phone, you’ll need to make sure it’s up to date.

➡️Step 1: Check to see if there are any updates for your Jio phone, and if there are, make sure to install them.

➡️Step 2: If you already updated your Jio phone, you can skip the first steps.

➡️Step 3: Then you need to tap on the Jio Truecaller app.

➡️Step 4: This opens a browser automatically.

➡️Step 5: Once the browser is open, the zip file must be downloaded from Google Drive.

➡️Step 6: After downloading the Truecaller program zip file from Google Drive, you must extract the file on your Jio phone.

➡️Step 7: The Truecaller app will be inside this zip file.

➡️Step 8: When you see the app, you need to click on it and then tap the “install” button.

➡️Step 9: The process of installing the Truecaller app on a Jio phone will take a few minutes.

➡️Step 10: After the app is successfully installed on your Jio phone, it will ask you to sign in with your Google account.

➡️Step 11: For verification, enter your email address and password.

➡️Step 12: After you sign in with your Google account, you will need to enter your mobile number.

➡️Step 13: Once you put in your phone number, the app will send you a verification text message.

➡️Step 14: After you verify your account and sign in, it’s easy to use Truecaller on your Jio phone.

Reference Video For Jio Truecaller App Download:

How to use the TrueCaller app on a Jio phone?

If the app is not installed on your Jio phone, you can use this method with complete success. These are ways to do things online.

  • 👉Click on True Caller to find out more details about a phone number.
  • 👉When you click, you will be taken to the Truecaller official website.
  • 👉Enter anyone’s mobile number at the top to search.
  • 👉When you search, you’ll find the page for Sign-In.
  • 👉Here, you must sign in with Google.
  • 👉You can use Truecaller once you’ve signed in.

People who don’t have the Access app on their phones should use the site instead since they both have the same features.

Even though it’s not the right way to install the app, you can still try. Before installing the app, don’t forget to update the phone.

What Does Kaios mean on a Jio Phone?

KaiOS is a phone operating system. You’ve probably heard of android, ios (from Apple), and windows. All of these are operating systems, and KaiOS, which is made for feature phones, is also an operating system.

When you say “feature phone,” you’re comparing it to a smartphone like an Android or an iOS phone. Some people still want a phone with a keypad because they only want to make calls and send messages. In this situation, Kairos is the best thing to do. Most keypad phones don’t have any extra functions.

But because the Jio phone uses Kaios, it has extra features like YouTube, Facebook, App, WhatsApp, Stores, NFC, Bluetooth, Map, social media networks, and many more.

Reference Video To KaiOS, how it is becoming the 3rd major OS:

If you look at it next to other keypad phones, it doesn’t have 4G support, but Kaios does, so users can use 4G. Kaios are for low-cost feature phones in a special category. You get almost all of a smartphone’s features.

Click on Kaios to find out which apps work with the KaiOS operating system. You will get to kaiso’s official website. The site has a list of all the apps that work with KaiOS. You can see how many phones have Kaios enabled so far by clicking “See all.”


I hope this article on how to download Truecaller in Jio phone helps you. We covered a crucial guide on how to extract the file using Google Drive.

I hope all Jio phone users can now easily follow these methods to get Truecaller and enjoy its many benefits.

If for any reason you are unable to access the app store on your jio phone, you may always visit the official website instead, which offers the same services.

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