What is Smart ACs? Benefits and Features of Smart Technology AC:

Hello Visitors, This post will tell you the important features and benefits of Smart Technology AC and how it makes our life easier.

Smart Technology AC is IOT enabled and Artificial Intelligence based product. All possible because of IOT(Internet of Things), Smart ACs drastically changes the air conditioner industry.

Smart ACs have various modernized features and benefit which simplify our livings. It is a hand-free product and controlled by your smart phones and voice, connected through Alexa and Google Assistant. It is such a great innovation using IOT. IOT simplifies our lifestyle, many home appliances which made by IOT has drastically transformed our lifestyles. Basically IOT products increases the efficiency and reduce the wastage of power and energy.

About Smart ACs:

Smart ACs are simply controlled by one application named as MIRAIE which is available on play store, you can download it in your smart phone or tablet. MIRAIE is made by two words named as MIRA and IE means FUTURE + HOME, Miraie is a Spanish word. It is now trending on market and high rated and highly branded product. It made a tremendous change in people’s lifestyle.

Smart ACs allows you to maintain your room temperature and other functionality that can be controlled using this application itself. And the important benefits is that it consumes less energy. If you have conventional or normal AC in your home, then you can convert it to smart AC which has lower energy consumption.

Benefits of Smart ACs:

Are you wondering, why should you buy Smart AC and wasting of tons of money instead of buying low cost Normal AC? Want to know the extra features and benefits of Smart ACs?

So here we will tell you about lots of benefits and features of Smart ACs:

  1. Convenient and Comfort: With a Smart AC, the room’s temperature controlled by your palm such as smart phones. Other than smartphones, Smart ACs can also be controlled by voice using Alexa and Google Assistant. With the Smart ACs, you need not to change the room’s temperature continuously, it will detect automatically the environment temperature and set the AC temperature or increase or decrease the ACs temperature automatically.
  2. Ample Energy Savings: Smart ACs uses less energy. Once you have set your desired cooling, your smart ac will slows down when required temperature is achieved, so this saves energy a lot. Smart ACs are more reliable and less energy consumption.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Lets suppose, you are returning home after a long journey and very tired and sweating too much, you need to rest in cool temperature, so with the normal ac, it can take 20-30 minutes to cool your room temperature. On the other hand, if your smart air conditioner knew that you are on your way home and it would take you around 20 minutes, things can be a lot different. Utilizing the features of a smart AC unit, your cooling can turn on a low, energy-efficient setting minutes before you return home. This would provide you the perfect temperature setting and efficient performance throughout the day.

Features of Smart ACs:

  1. Geolocation Feature or Geofencing: Geolocation helps to detect your smart phones which is connected to internet. Suppose you left home without switching off the AC and your room is empty, then this features sent you an alert message in your phone and you will switch off your AC using only touches on your smart phones or it will automatically switch off your AC when you are stepping out of your room. This feature helps to save energy and added comfort in your life.
  2. Smart Scheduling: Smart scheduling helps you to make schedule of temperature heat or cool. Smart ACs set a schedule along with your morning alarm! It will set cooling mode, fan speed, vane direction, etc.
  3. Voice Recognition: Like other smart home appliances, Smart ACs can also be controlled by voice using Alexa and Google Assistant.
  4. Usage Details: You are also able witnessed your usage details that how often you have used you AC in a day, you can also make smart choices of heating or cooling and make energy consumption. And with the usage details, you can also keep track of your bills.

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