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Hello Friends, Are you more of a trivia person? Are you a student studying the history of India’s independence? Or are you just interested in knowing more about your country? Then this quiz is for you! It will help you test your knowledge about India, and how much you know your country, India. Have fun!

You may very well be aware of the fact that India is a major economy in Asia. But, did you know that India is also a hub for various illicit financial activities?

India faces various money laundering vulnerabilities such as informal financing networks that largely serve rural citizens; complex onshore and offshore corporate structures; and enforcement capacity constraints.

In simple terms, India is tackling its ongoing financial gaps and corruption issues. So, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has prioritized curtailing illicit financial activity as part of his administration’s plans to formalize and digitize India’s financial system to reduce corruption and increase the tax base.

Likewise, in its bid to open up its domestic banking sector, the country has established a national payments bank blocking it from becoming a direct competitor to traditional banks.

General Knowledge Today Quiz | Know Your Country India Quiz

It’s time to dive into the world of knowledge! India is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It has so many things to offer from wonderful sights, history, culture, and tradition, but above all its diverse people. That makes this quiz a perfect way of getting closer to the country that gives us so much for us.

So, friends, If you are searching for a general knowledge quiz in India then know your country quiz is the best option for you.

Know your country quiz is the basic general knowledge quiz today. You will get a free certificate from the government. Participate in this online quiz today in India. If you wish to know about your own country, participate in this quiz for the most populous country, India.

Hundreds of people from all over the world participate in this free quiz every day and get their certificate from the government.

If you are a technical person, then this quiz is also available for you too because it has been given to the e-certificate through mail on your registered mail ID.

These Multiple Choice questions gk quiz India is simple and interesting for all people and those who will answer them right will get a certificate from the government.

Know your country quiz is not only fun but also a challenge to know yourself and others around you.

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