30 Shortcut Keys in PC/Computer that Everyone Must Know

Are you looking for ways to work faster on your PC or computer? Then you need to know about these 30 shortcut keys!

In this blog post, we’ll show you some of the most useful shortcut keys that can help you work more efficiently. After reading this, you’ll be able to work faster and more efficiently. Read on to find out more!

Nowadays, Computers and Laptops area unit become an awfully essential part of our life. If you’re a chronic mortal, then you want to be aware of regarding the keyboard road keys.

Basically, a laptop road keys area unit the one that consists of 1 or a lot of keys that invoke a command in package or Associate in Nursing software.

So, you simply will increase your productivity and output with some keystrokes, otherwise, it’ll be accessible solely through a menu, a mouse, or through the other side.

laptop road Keys operate quickly and make your work straightforward and quick

We’ll extremely suggest you use these road keys and take a look at to study all of them as a result it’ll assist you to extend your productivity.

30 Shortcut Keys For Computer:

List of basic laptop road keys:

  1. 👉Alt + F => File menu choices within the current program.
  2. 👉Alt + E => Edits choices within the current program.
  3. 👉F1 => Universal facilitate or help (for any form of the program).
  4. 👉Ctrl + A => Selects all text.
  5. 👉Ctrl + B => modification elect(selected) text to be bold.
  6. 👉Ctrl + F => Open find window for current document or window.
  7. 👉Ctrl + I => modification elect(selected) text to be in italics.
  8. 👉Ctrl + X => Cuts the chosen item.
  9. 👉Ctrl + Del => Cut select item.
  10. 👉Ctrl + C => Copy the chosen item.
  11. 👉Ctrl + Ins => Copy the chosen item.
  12. 👉Ctrl + V => Paste the chosen item.
  13. 👉Ctrl + N => produce a brand new or blank document in some package or open a new tab in most Internet browsers.
  14. 👉Ctrl + D => Bookmarks the current page in most Internet browsers.
  15. 👉Ctrl + S => Save this document file.
  16. 👉Ctrl + Y => Redo Last action.
  17. 👉Ctrl + Z => Undo last action.
  18. 👉Ctrl + P => Print this page or document.
  19. 👉Shift + Ins  => Paste the chosen item.
  20. 👉Home => Takes the user to the start of this line.
  21. 👉Ctrl + Home => attend the start of the document.
  22. 👉End => attend the tip of this line.
  23. 👉Ctrl + finish => attend the tip of a document.
  24. 👉Shift + Home => Highlight from the current position to starting of the road.
  25. 👉Shift + finish => Highlight from the current position to the finish of the road.
  26. 👉Ctrl + (Left arrow) => Move one word to the left at a time.
  27. 👉Ctrl + (Right arrow) => Move one word to the correct one at a time.
  28. 👉Window Key + prtscn(ins) => Screenshot this program.


If you are a computer user, you must know that your PC Keyboard is one of the most important devices to use on a computer. In fact, you can do your tasks without a mouse but it is a little bit hard without a keyboard.

You can do many things on a computer using your keyboard. You can use shortcut keys for typing faster and doing tasks faster and easier. If you don’t know about shortcut keys in PC/Computer, you can learn about them in this article.

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