Major Difference Between OST and PST in 2022 | Which is Better, OST or PST?

Hello Friends, Today we will be discussing the major difference between OST and PST and which is better.

There are two types of storage files: offline and online. Offline storage files are used for storing data on an internal hard drive, while online storage files are used for storing data on the server.

PST and OST are two examples of offline and online-based file formats that can be used to store your emails on your local PC or laptop.

In this article, we’ll focus on understanding how these two different types work so you’ll know what information is being stored where when it comes time to back up your data! we will discuss OST vs PST difference in detail so that you can choose the best option according to your needs.

1. What does OST stand for?
The OST full form is Offline Storage. OST files are used to store data on the server and are also known as offline storage files.

2. What does PST stand for?
The PST full form is Personal Storage. And PST files can be used for storing your personal data selectively, like contacts or appointments, etc.

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What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is an email, calendar, and contacts manager. It’s also a great tool for managing data across all of your devices because it allows you to access, create and store your files with ease. The best thing about this program is that it allows you to access your most important information without having to worry about losing them in case something happens. If you’re using Microsoft Office 365, chances are that your company provides its employees with Outlook software which they use every day in order to work efficiently on the computer while keeping everything organized at the same time.

What is OST in Outlook?

In Microsoft Outlook, the Offline Storage Table (.ost file) is an offline Outlook data file that saves an offline version of Outlook data items on the server. This is also known as an Offline folder or Offline Data Folder.

The OST file enables users to work even without a server connection. Users are able to change the data, store emails as drafts, add and remove, etc. M.S. Outlook creates a local duplicate of the user’s mailbox whenever the user works without a server and stores it on the user’s PC.

OSTs can also be used as offline files that can be moved between devices and accessed even when there isn’t internet connectivity or any source of power (like USB flash drives). Users must have an administrator account on their system in order for this feature to work properly; if you’re using your own computer instead of the one provided by your employer, then you won’t be able to use this function at all!

What is PST in Outlook?

The PST file is also called Personal Storage Table and it is used by Microsoft Outlook for storing emails and folders. A single PST file can contain multiple email folders, which means that you can have multiple PST files on your hard drive if you have more than one email account with Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer or laptop/desktop computer running Windows operating system.

The main advantage of using this type of file is that they remain available even if there is no internet connection due to various reasons like system failure etc.

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The Major Difference Between OST and PST

OST and PST are the two different types of file formats utilized by Microsoft Outlook to store data. OST is a backup file that is used to store email messages, contacts, calendar items, and tasks created by Outlook, whereas PST is a personal storage table that contains all the data of an Outlook user.

OST stands for Offline Storage.PST stands for Personal Storage.
OST files enable the user to read, reply, compose, and display emails even when they are offline.In PST files, these features are not available.
OST files are only compatible with the Microsoft Exchange server.In PST file format, the exchange mode can be used (though not recommended).
OST files could be edited in both online and offline modes.PST could be utilized for locally stored files and data.
In OST file format, You don’t have to download your emails or files to utilize them on other devices.PST emails and files must be downloaded locally before use on other devices.
You can’t access OST files without the original MAPI profile.A PST file can be imported directly into any Outlook account.

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Key Features of OST File

  • OST files are offline folders and they are stored locally on your computer.
  • The OST file is used to sync the data between your computer and the Microsoft Exchange server.

Key Features of PST File

  • Microsoft Outlook uses the PST file format to store email messages, contacts, calendars, and other information.
  • The PST file format is proprietary and used by Microsoft to store Outlook data.
  • You can access your emails using Microsoft Office 365 or Thunderbird.
  • You can also import/export from/to it as well as use it with other programs like Google Docs etc., however, this will be done in .pst format only.

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What are IMAP and POP?

IMAP is a protocol that allows an email client to download email from the server and store it locally in an email folder.

On the other hand, POP is a protocol that allows an email client to upload emails from its local email folder to the server.

How to convert an OST to a PST in Outlook 2016?

If you have an OST file, then it is important to convert it to PST. The process of converting OST to PST in Outlook 2016 is easy and there are several tools available on the internet that can help you do so.

OST to PST Conversion from Outlook 2016:

  • Open your inbox and select the “File” option from the Start menu or swipe down from the top of your screen.
  • Then click on the “Open & Export” option from the File menu or press Ctrl + Shift + E keys simultaneously (if using Windows 8).
  • Lastly, browse for the desired directory where you want to save converted files and select it by clicking on the Browse button at the bottom-left corner of the window which appears when pressing the Ctrl + Shift + E keys together again after selecting the source location where converted messages will be saved

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email tools in the world, and it’s no wonder why! It offers a rich set of features that make it easy for you to stay connected with your coworkers, customers, and friends. In this blog, we’ve covered what OST and PST files are, how they work in Outlook 2016 for Windows PCs, as well as some key differences between them. We hope this post has been helpful!

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