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Hello Friends, Welcome to AllTechFind. Today we come along with an new opportunity by the government of India, has been launched FIT India National Sports Day Competition 2022 for everyone to promote the fitness among our society, to encourage them to do physical activities in their home also.

FIT India National Sports Day 2022 is a unique opportunity to showcase your talent, expertise, and skill.

National Sports Day 2022

National Sports Day is a day of celebration. It is celebrated on the 29th of August every year. The day is a national holiday that encourages people to take part in sports as well as encourage them to participate in other physical activities that promote health and well-being.

National Sports Day has been celebrated for many years now, but it wasn’t until 2022 that this celebration became an annual event!

In fact, countries around the world have started celebrating this special occasion with various events ranging from competitions between athletes from different countries, exhibitions where participants display their skills at various events like track cycling championships or swimming races, etc., and dance competitions where dancers perform dances inspired by different cultures around us such as India’s Bollywood movies’ songs which represent our country’s culture so well because they tell stories about how we think about ourselves; even cultural performances like folk dances are also included among these events!

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What is National Sports Day Competition – Fit India

National Sports Day Competition is an annual event that aims to encourage the people of India to play, work and enjoy sports.

On August 29, India commemorates National Sports Day in honor of Major Dhyan Chand, a legendary hockey player. In addition, the day is intended to commemorate the achievements of the country’s sports heroes and champions, who have worked tirelessly to bring glory to their country.

Focusing on the necessity of staying physically active and eating a nutritious diet, we hope to inspire people to take up sports and make them a regular part of their lives, all while spreading the word about the positive life lessons that can be learned by participating in athletics.

Objective Of National Sports Day Competition

The objective behind conducting this competition is to promote physical fitness among youth and create awareness about a healthy lifestyle by organizing various games like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, etc., at schools/colleges across India with the help of government officials as well as local volunteers who help us organize activities related to National Sports Day Competition 2022.

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How to Register/Participate in National Sports Day Government Competition 2022

What can we do to commemorate the most important athlete in Indian history?

This year, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) and the Fit India Mission (Fit India Mission) want to bring the FIT India movement to Schools, Colleges, Ministries, Government, and Private Organizations by encouraging them to take part in a big way on National Sports Day, August 29. On this day, Schools, Colleges, Ministries, governments, and Private Organizations should encourage their students, employees, and staff to participate in sports and fitness activities for at least one hour.

The following are some suggested activities to keep the attendees interested:

S. NoOutdoor ActivityIndoor ActivityFun Activity
1FootballBadmintonSack Race
2RunningVolleyballLemon Race
3Kho-KhoHandballRope Skipping
5HockeyTable-TennisSquat Challenge

Participation terms and conditions

  • Schools/Colleges/Ministries/Government & Private Organizations must register on the Fit India website (Click on the below link and submit all relevant details).
  • Schools, Colleges, Ministries, governments, and Private Organizations are required to submit their data and add images or video links from events that they have hosted in order to get an electronic certificate.

Fit India National Sports Day 2022 Guidelines

  • It is the responsibility of all schools, colleges, ministries, government agencies, and private organizations to guarantee that everyone takes an active part in the celebration of National Sports Day 2022 on August 29th, 2022.
  • On this particular day, students at the respective schools are permitted to wear their sports uniforms.
  • Schools, colleges, ministries, and both government and private organizations should register themselves on the website They should also upload images and a video link connected to the event on the previously stated website.
  • After successfully completing the National Sports Day and uploading photos and videos of the activities completed, an electronic certificate may be downloaded from the Fit India Portal. This must be done before the electronic certificate can be downloaded.
  • Additionally, educational institutions are urged to share or post about the activities they hold on National Sports Day on their social media channels using the hashtag #NationalSportsDay and tag @FitIndiaOff.

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Best Wats To Become Fit For This Competition

The best way to be fit is to take part in a sports day competition. This will help you stay healthy and fit all year round.

  • Do yoga or Pilates regularly, as it helps you achieve a balanced body posture.
  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes each day (you can do this at home). It doesn’t matter if it’s running on a treadmill or playing basketball outside on Sunday mornings!

Perks & Benefits

Apply Online to get Free sports certificate and download the National Sports Day Certificate now.

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