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Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell you how to get NSS Certificate for free, and what are the benefits of NSS certificate in detail.

What is NSS?

The National Service Scheme, popularly known as NSS, is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges, Universities, and at the +2 level working for a campus-community linkage.

The NSS is the national social service organization of India and it has been working for more than 120 years.

It is an initiative by the government of India to promote volunteerism among youth across all walks of life, especially those who are unable or unwilling to do so due to lack of time or financial conditions.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a non-profit organization that aims to inculcate social welfare in students and to provide service to society without any discrimination.

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About NSS Pledge

As we faced the most challenging situation and fought Covid-19 by taking covid vaccines, following the guidelines of Covid-19, protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19 as much as we can.

But now also, some of the Covid cases are still coming, this is because some of us had not taken the vaccine till due to the lack of awareness about the benefits of taking covid vaccines.

So, in order to increase awareness among society, and individuals, NSS, associated with UNICEF is taken the initiative to create awareness among people to follow the COVID guidelines, and take vaccines as soon as possible to remove covid from our lives and make us safe.

So, that everyone will be vaccinated, and follow the safety measures.

It is in our hands to keep our country safe. So, as responsible citizens of our country, we have to take this Pledge and ensure that We will be Vaccinated Today and follow the safety guidelines of COVID-19.

NSS Pledge with free NSS certificate

Pledge To Take:-

  • I take an oath that I and my loved ones will definitely get vaccinated against COVID-19 when the opportunity arises.
  • I promise to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.
  • I also pledge to follow and encourage others to follow COVID vaccination and COVID-19 compliant behavior.
  • Together we will win this fight against Covid-19.

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How To Get NSS Certificate?

  • Click on the below Apply link.
  • Now, you will see the Take Pledge button, click on it.
  • You will land on the page, where you need to fill in your details.
  • After filling in your details correctly, click Next.
  • Now you will land on a page, where the download certificate option will be available, click on it.
  • You can download your NSS e-certificate free easily.

Important Note: If you are facing any issues in getting the certificate, kindly go through the video for detailed information.

Benefits Of Taking This Pledge

It’s a great way to show your support for the community and help them build a better future. It also helps you get credit for doing something good! The more people who pledge, the greater impact they’ll make on the world around them.

And after taking the pledge, you can get download your certificate for free, as an NSS certificate is too much valuable for government jobs.

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Benefits of NSS Certificate in Government Jobs

NSS Certificate defines your social dedication to society. This is the best quality that a person who aspires to work in the government sector should have.

There are many benefits of an NSS certificate:

  • Most of government and private institutes have mentioned NSS certificate is compulsory when applying for an interview.
  • Due to increased unemployment in India, the Indian Government has made it mandatory to get at least one certificate from the following options – National Service Scheme (NSS), National Cadet Corps (NCC), Co-Curricular Activities, or Physical Education.
  • The students can apply for any government job through SSC or RRB if they have an NSS Certificate.
  • The NSS certificate would be helpful for candidates aspiring to get a job in Civil Services Examination.
  • Having an NSS certificate will help you to get your first preference at the time of the recruitment process.

The NSS certificates are not only limited to jobs in the government sector but they can be used for other job purposes as well including interviews like group discussions, interview rounds, etc.

How do NSS Benefits Students?

  • NSS plays a vital role in improving the personality of the students.
  • NSS is a program run by the ministry of youth affairs and sports, the Government of India.
  • It is a voluntary scheme in which participants undergo personality development through various awareness camps, health camps, etc.
  • NSS helps the students understand and appreciate the problems of society and build a positive attitude towards society. The main aim is to make students responsible citizens.
  • NSS Certificate defines your social dedication to society. This is the best quality that a person who aspires to work in the government sector should have.

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